Main Rotor Blades (USBF)

  • The Universal Static Balance Fixture was originally designed in 1996 and fielded the following year. The USBF replaced the older, slower "teeter balancing" technology that was used previously for both rotor blade manufacturing and maintenance.
  • The USBF eliminated blade swapping which was used to find a matched set of blades.
  • The USBF has provided the users in the field with control over their blade inventory. Balancing can be performed at the user’s site after repairs are completed.
  • The USBF took the art out of balancing and provided digital results of the blade balancing process which may be printed if desired. As you can see from the photo above, the fixture is mobile and can easily be moved to various locations in the facility; and, more importantly, can be packed and shipped to a new geographic location when needed. Many of our customers have taken their balancer with them to deployment sites.
  • The USBF originally balanced only one rotor blade, the CH-47, but since its introduction has added over 30 blade types... and can be easily adapted to handle your unique requirements.
  • There are over 400 USBF fixtures in active use located throughout the world.
  • Each fixture is delivered by a qualified Avion technician. They are ready-to-use, including a handy lift that allows loading, balancing and unloading by one person.
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  • Contact Kenneth Gouin at Avion for additional information or a quote for one of our fixtures.

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